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Smoke Evacuation

  • 1
    Removes smoke and fluids continuously at the source
  • 2
    Sleek, unobtrusive design improves visualisation
  • 3
    Inexpensive and disposable — Saves time and money
  • 4
    Compatible with standard and extended Bovie
  • 5
    Universal suction adapter
  • 6
    Dual action, anti-clogging tip

PureForm ePTFE Facial Implants

Preformed 100% ePTFE implants are ideal for most facial augmentation applications. Surgiform’s Controlled Tissue Integration (CTI) Technology encourages small-tissue ingrowth that improves implant anchoring and provides a predictable surgical outcome.

Nasal Splints

Denver splints allow for continuous wear for 7-10 days post-op and come with a strong adhesive that keeps the splint securely in place. Their moldable aluminum easily conforms to and maintains the desired shape while remaining inconspicuous and comfortable for patients.

SFAM Implants

SFAM (Surgiform Facial Augmentation Material) ePTFE Sheet and Carvable BlockS is 100% ePTFE and can be carved to suit different uses such as nasal, chin, para-nasal implants.

Silicone Implants

PTFE Sutures

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