About Surgiform

Our History

Founded by Dr. Claire Straith, DDS, MD after his return from WWI, Surgiform maintains Dr. Straith's pioneering spirit by continuing to develop innovative surgical devices to help create favorable outcomes for plastic surgeons and their patients. As a key figure in the evolution of modern plastic surgery, Dr. Straith and his WWI colleagues are credited with the development of innovative facial reconstruction techniques to treat battlefield injuries.

When Dr. Straith returned to private practice after the war, he and several of his colleagues (Army Surgeons) formed the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and continued to refine techniques using permanently implanted prosthetics. Dr. Straith's passion for improving the lives of his patients using his innovative silicone facial implants grew into a formal business entity (Surgical Technology Laboratories). Surgical Technology Laboratories was purchased in 1993 by STL Group, Inc. from Dr. Richard Straith, Dr. Claire Straith’s son, who is the founder of the Straith Clinic ( Detroit, MI).

Since 1993, Surgiform has expanded Surgical Technology Laboratories manufacturing and distribution capabilities to begin offering reasonably priced smoke evacuation options as well as superior ePTFE facial implants and many other innovative medical devices for plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

Surgiform makes innovative surgical devices to enable your practice.


Brief History of Our Company


Dr. Claire Straith returns from WWI

Bringing home the facial reconstruction techniques pioneered on the battlefield.


The American Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons is founded

Later to become the ASPS


Surgical Technology Laboratories purchased by STL Group, Inc.

From Dr. Richard Straith, Dr. Claire Straith’s son, who is the founder of the Straith Clinic.


Surgiform begins selling Pureform ePTFE facial implants

Our Products



3-D ePTFE Chin, Malar, and Nasal Implants


ePTFE sheet and carvable block facial implant material

PTFE Sutures


Silicone Implants

Nasals, chins, malars, and carvable block.


Patented surgical device removes harmful smoke, odors, and fluids during electrosurgery procedures

Nasal Splints


Quality Products

All of our implants (silicone and ePTFE) are manufactured by Surgical Technology Laboratories, Inc. Surgical Technology Laboratories is a Registered Medical Device Establishment by the US FDA. Our registration number is 1825527. Surgiform and Surgical Technology Laboratories are wholly owned subsidiaries of STL Group, Inc.

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Made in USA

Proudly Created in South Carolina