PTFE Sutures

The Ideal Non-Absorbable Suture

Attention, GORE-TEX® Suture Users: Surgiform’s Cytoplast PTFE sutures are the ideal non-absorbable suture for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

PTFE sutures check all the boxes as the ideal non-absorbable suture

The ideal suture must be easy to handle, knot securely, and maintain closure. It also must not cause the patient discomfort by causing negative tissue reactions or infections. Finally, it must be reasonably priced. Until now, no other suture met all these criteria, requiring you to pick which features you prefer, while compromising on the others.

Ideal Suture Features PTFE Suture
Little or no package memory, soft handling, and knots securely
Soft for patients (not stiff like most monofilaments)
Maintains tensile strength, keeping surgical site reliably closed
Biologically inert, resulting in superior soft tissue reaction, decreased redness and decreased inflammation around suture lines
Monofilament – Doesn’t wick bacteria


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