SAF-T-VAC® | Surgical Smoke Evacuation Device | ST9000s

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SAF-T-VAC Electrocuateral Smoke and Fluid Evacuator – No Capital Expense, Universally Adaptable & Easy to Use


  • Designed to enhance electrocautery procedures safely and effectively
  • Removes smoke and fluids for a healthier environment for patient and staff
  • Sleek and lightweight design provides better visualization and control in limited cavities
  • Dual action chamber dissects, coagulates and evacuates at the same time
  • Easy to use with short or extended electrodes
  • Inexpensive and disposable, saves time and money
  • Shipped sterile in boxes of 10


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The SAF-T-VAC is a simple device comprised of three parts: (1) the SAF-T-VAC device, which includes the universal suction tubing adapter, the proprietary designed suction tip and the suction tube. (2) The helix retention attachment which helps keep the tubing in close proximity to the electro-scalpel handle and allow for the perfect positioning of the suction tubing by the surgeon. (3) The electrode adapter is used when using a needle tip electrode in the electro-scalpel. It is a silicone sleeve that is placed over the needle tip and then inserted into the tip of the Saf-T-Vac.Because SAF-T-VAC works with all O.R. suction units, there is no need to be buy additional equipment. Our device is simple and effective making it easy to implement while using your preffered electro-scalpel and suction system.Over 150 hazardous chemicals have been identified in surgical smoke. There are at least 500,000 healthcare workers exposed to laser or electrosurgical smoke each year. Furthermore, it is estimated that the use of 27-30 unfiltered cigarettes is equivalent to the average daily impact of surgical smoke to the OR team.Unlike many competitors, SAF-T-VAC’s sleek and ergonomic design is easy to set-up and does not impede the surgeon’s dexterity or field of vision. It is also considerably less expensive per procedure and requires no capital investment to begin using. The SAF-T-VAC is compatible with most suction sources and electro-scalpels.

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