SFAM (Surgiform Facial Augmentation Material)

ePTFE Sheets &
Carvable Blocks

SFAM (Surgiform Facial Augmentation Material) ePTFE Sheet and Carvable Blocks are 100% ePTFE and can be carved to suit different uses such as nasal, chin, para-nasal implants.


Node & Fibril surface of ePTFE Implants

100% ePTFE Sheets & Carvable Blocks

SFAM Sheets are available in 0.35mm, 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm. SFAM Carvable Block is provided in 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm thicknesses.

SFAM is indicated for use in facial cosmetic surgeries and reconstructions to augment and repair soft tissues.

SFAM ePTFE Block is an inert product that is designed using CTI (Controlled Tissue Integration) Technology that creates a micro-structure that promotes soft tissue ingrowth.

Ideal Augmentation Material SFAM
Provides stable, more natural look and feel
Both sterile sheets and carvable blocks are microporous
100% ePTFE Carvable blocks ideal for nasal and chin augmentation
Controlled Tissue Integration (CTI) offers predictable tissue response and augmentation
Wide variety of sizes available to meet cosmetic and reconstructive needs
All products packaged sterile

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  • Brochure

    Controlled Tissue Integration


    Indication, Contraindications, and Directions for Use

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