ePTFE Facial Implants and Antibiotic Infusion – 5 Easy Steps

Dr. Costa describes his process for infusing the PureForm ePTFE Facial Implants with an antibiotic (gentamicin) using a syringe to place the implant under a vacuum within an antibiotic solution.

1.  Before the antibiotic infusion, the PureForm ePTFE Facial Implant floats in the solution.

2.  Fold the Pureform implant along the center seam and place it in a syringe.

3.  Fill the syringe with the antibiotic solution and place the solution under a vacuum.

4.  Draw air out of the PureForm ePTFE facial implant, replace it with an antibiotic solution by repeatedly shocking and then placing the implant under a vacuum.

5.  The implant is ready when it sinks into the antibiotic solution.

Watch the full video of Dr. Costa implanting a PureForm Chin below.

I actually believe that it (the implant) becomes a reservoir for antibiotic over an extended period of time.
– Dr. Louis Costa

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