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Take action in the operating room with the Saf-T-Vac Fluid & Smoke Evacuator, a highly effective surgical smoke plume evacuation device that integrates seamlessly with all O.R. suction units and electro-scalpel pens. This single-use, disposable smoke evacuator can save a facility 67% per procedure.

The Safe-T-Vac is designed with you and your staff in mind to make implementing a smoke evacuation process easy. With a sleek, unobtrusive design, the surgeon maintains a clear field of vision and comfort when performing surgery.


Recent studies suggest that the smoke plume produced during electrocautery carries hazardous airborne particles, gasses, and toxins, some of which contain known carcinogens and viruses. It has also been found that a regular surgical mask is ineffective in filtering out most of these harmful byproducts.
The Saf-T-Vac® is a novel surgical smoke evacuator that effectively solves this problem by providing safe and efficient suction at the source of these harmful byproducts before they become airborne. The Saf-T-Vac® works well with your faculty’s favorite equipment, featuring a universal suction adapter that plugs into any available O.R. suction source. It has a patented dual-action, anti-clogging tip which provides precise, worry-free cauterization for a safe, effective surgical smoke evacuation system every time.
Ideal Smoke Evacuation Saf-T-Vac
Removes smoke and fluids continuously at the source
Sleek, unobtrusive design improves visualisation
Inexpensive and disposable -- Saves time and money
Compatible with standard and extended Bovie
Universal suction adapter
Dual action, anti-clogging tip

Evacuate Smoke & Fluid at the Source

Surgical smoke should be evacuated no more than 2 inches from the surgical site to prevent irritation, infection, and transmission of viable cells. The Saf-T-Vac evacuates surgical smoke and fluid continuously at the source for ideal OR Safe Practices.

Universally Adaptable to any Suction System

The Saf-T-Vac is designed to make implementing your smoke evacuation system easy, with no capital investment. This disposable & easy to use smoke evacuator integrates seamlessly with all standard OR equipment.

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