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PTFE (Gore-Tex*) Sutures – Not just the right tool

June 16, 2014

PTFE (Gore-Tex*) Sutures – Not just the right tool

It is important to have the right tool for the job you are trying to do. No one knows this better than a recent college graduate. Having lived on a limited budget throughout college, I know I enjoyed the feeling of being able to buy the tool for the job when something I owned broke when I first started working. However, something recent graduates may not have experienced yet is having the perfect tool for the job.  As you likely know, there is a huge difference between having a set of sockets and having the set of sockets that will resist wear and last you a lifetime.

For years, Gore-Tex* PTFE sutures seemed to be the perfect tool for the job. Their chemically inert nature and complete biocompatibility made them a plastic surgeon’s first choice for closing surgical incisions. However, in 2006 Gore announced it was exiting the cosmetic and plastic surgery markets. By April 2007 Gore-Tex* sutures were entirely unavailable to plastic surgeons. At first, it seemed no company would be able to fill this void in the market, leaving surgeons to choose among less-ideal sutures.

Now, Surgiform is marketing PTFE sutures that are the ideal non-absorbable suture. These PTFE sutures are returning the reliability, patient comfort, and reasonable price-point of Gor-Tex* sutures to cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Literature and pricing for the Surgiform PTFE sutures can be found in our store.

*Gore-Tex is a registered trademark of W.L. Gore & Assosciates

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